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Having extensive and comprehensive Range & Parameters in Dimension Measurement Laboratory equipped with high accuracy standards including:

Caliper Checker & Gauge Blocks, Dial Indicator, Profile Projector, Dial Calibration Tester, Master Foils, Lever Dial Gauge & Optical Flat, Slip Gauge etc.

  • Complete & comprehensive Measurement Methods as per standards like IS 2921, IS 4239, IS 16491, IS 6012, IS 7599, IS 4349, IS 4213, BS 6468, IS 14271, IS 11498, IS 2092, IS 2967, IS 3179, IS 4440, IS 2966 etc., meeting various dimensional parameters.
  • Covering wide ranges in almost all parameters.


What we calibrate?

2-D Electronic Height Gauges & other Height Gauges (Dial /Digital / Vernier), Bevel Protractors, Bore Gauges (Stem /Split Type), Calipers (Dial /Digital / Vernier), Caliper Checkers, Coating Thickness Gauges, Comparator Stand, Cylindrical Setting Masters, Depth Gauges, Depth Micrometers, Dial / Digital Thickness Gauges, Dial Calibration Testers, Dial Gauges (Lever/Plunger types), External Micrometers, Feeler Gauges, Flush Pin Gauges, Foils, Gauge Block Accessory Set, Groove Dial Gauges, Hegmann Gauges, Inclinometers, Internal Micrometers, LVDT Probes, Measuring Pins, Measuring Tapes, Micrometer Head/ Setting Standards, Pitch Micrometers (Angle/Linear), Plug Gauges, Radius Gauges, Snap Gauges, Spirit Levels, Standard Wire Gauges, Steel Scales, Taper Scales, Thread Measuring Wires, Thread Pitch Gauges, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Fillet/Width Gauges Test Sieves and many more…

What we calibrate using Profile Projector?

Bevel protractor, Thread Pitch Gauge(linear and flank angle) Pitch Micrometer, Combination set, Radius Gauge(Concave&convex), Radius template, Test sieves, Weld Gauge/weld fillet gauge, Standard wire gauge, Taper scale, Templates/ Joint finger probes, Glass scale, Angle gauge

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